Project Description


 TYPE:                   PLANETARY MIXER

INPUT CAPACITY:                              0.56 cu m

OUTPUT CAPACITY:                         0.375 cu m

DISCHARGE DOOR: 1 No pneumatically operated. The door operating mechanism is mounted on a shaft in heavy duty bearing units.

DUST  ENCLOSURE: Access lids are provided around the mixer for easy access to the interior of the mixer for cleaning and maintenance. Brackets are provided on each access lid to suit cut-off switch or interlock (sometimes supplied by others as part of a wider interlock system). An inspection hatch is provided in one of the fixed lids with wire mesh inside to provide visual inspection and preventing access.

MIXING TOOLS: 1 No Mixing Star with 2 No Chill Cast Steel Paddles. Scraper Arm with Chill Cast Steel Scraper. Paddles are also available in Polyurethane.

MIXER FLOOR: 15 mm Hardox, hard wearing plates.

WALL LINING PLATES: 15mm Hardox, hard wearing plates.

DRIVE: 15 kW (20 HP) 3 phase electric motor driving planetary gearbox. NB – the mixer motor must be fitted with an electronic soft start unit (by others).

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