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The RS1500 has been innovatively designed to be able to process material for a wide range of applications ranging from coal to road plainings. The robust designed coupled with its manoeuvrability and small footprint ensures the RS1500 is a formidable option for the quarrying and recycling sectors. Its impressive cubical piece size, minimal fines, low power consumption and high tonnes per hour results in it being the sensible option for many an application. Impressive design features such as tramp metal cycles, intelligent load sensing systems and easy selected piece sizing ensures high productivity with little to no down time regardless of feed pattern / method or feed material.

• Intelligent hydraulic load sensing system
• Highly efficient hydraulic drive system
• Unrivalled full efficiency
• Produces less fines than any other similar product on the market such as an impactor or jaw crusher
• Purposely designed so that a variety of options can be retrofitted to the basic spec machine
• Fully tracked for on-site manoeuvrability
• Quick and easy adjustment for different piece sizing
• Global After Sales Support

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