Riddles Brothers, a long partnership with Ormonde Machinery and Terex Finlay continues

Riddles Brothers, a long partnership with Ormonde Machinery and Terex Finlay continues with the use of the J1170 crusher and 683/693 screeners on their sites. Nestled in the foothills of the Sperrins Mountains is the small market village of Donemana.  Industry is long associated with the area, you only have to take a trip to the local Silverbrook Mill to revisit the restored corn, flax and saw mills that were once a thriving part of the local economy. Today another type of industry is flourishing, quarrying, contract crushing, plant hire and civil engineering as carried out by Riddle Brothers.

Established by Robert and David Riddles in 2001, the business originally began with a sand and gravel pit but soon evolved into contract crushing, plant hire and involvement in civil engineering projects in Northern & Southern Ireland. In 2006 the company opened its second sand and gravel pit and despite the challenging economic headwinds of the following years, the company are going from strength to strength with all aspects of their business.

Robert Riddles has a long standing relationship with the Finlay brand, with an investment in a  Finlay sand washing plant at the start up stage of the business. Additionally, the company has three mobile Finlay plants, with the most recent addition being a new FINLAY J-1170 high-performance primary mobile jaw crusher purchased this year from Ormonde Machinery.

Commenting on their recent purchase from Ormonde Machinery, Robert Riddles says:

“The FINLAY J-1170 Jaw Crusher has proven to be an excellent investment for us, further bolstering our mobile plant hire & contracts divison. We are very impressed by the overall build quality, serviceability and user friendliness of the machine. In particular we find the T-Link Telematics remote monitoring system a very useful mangement tool allowing us to monitor performance of the J-1170 as and when required from any location. We looked at the various suppliers in the market for this size of jaw crusher but are pleased we opted for the FINLAY J-1170 from Ormonde Machinery. Their back up is second to none.”

Given the range of projects and applications that Riddles Brothers are involved with, the FINLAY J-1170 Jaw Crusher is proving to be an excellent asset to the companys ongoing operations. The user friendly features on the J-1170 mean that customer demands for varying product types can be met quickly and efficiently with good rates of production being achieved. Whether it be a contract to produce 60,000 tonnes of 4” down or crush demolition waste to make recycled fill material, the J-1170 is set up to respond to the application demands.

Riddles Bros. are well established in the contract crushing business in Ireland and continue to invest in new equipment to meet the growing demand for aggregates as the construction sector improves across the island.

The 49 tonne transport weight and compact dimensions of the FINLAY J-1170 mean savings for the company with lower transport costs between crushing sites. Set-up and fold down times are also speedier with the hydraulically folding sides and a hydraulic self-locking mechanism on the 9.6m3 hopper.

Safety continues to be a key consideration for operators, and the J1170 has a robust and intelligent chassis design, with good clearance on both ends, which enables easy loading onto all transport trailers.

When it came to making a decision about what machine to buy, a key factor was the long running relationship with Raymond Murphy from Ormonde Machinery, with his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. Riddles as well as having a long standing trust in the robust quality of Finlay machines, were very much influenced by the commitment to innovation that the company has demonstrated, particularly in the areas of telematics.  T – Link is a remote monitoring and fleet management system that combines inbuilt canbus control systems with satellite positioning and telematics software.  T-Link can help remotely monitor and manage you fleet and thereby assist with growing your business.

T-Link enables you to stay connected and keep track of your equipment, monitor work progress, manage logistics, access critical machine information, analyse and optimise machine performance and perform remote operator support.

“With rising fuel costs and continual output targets, T-Link is a huge asset in being able to monitor those elements, it allows us to see at a glance just how profitable our machine really is. We can monitor how much fuel is being used on a daily basis and the total tonnage output.”  Robert Riddles.

The J1170 is complimented by the Finlay 683 and 693 inclined screens.  Renowned for their quality, performance and productivity the Terex Finlay 683 combines scalping, screening and stockpiling into one self-contained unit. Complimenting this is the double deck Terex Finlay 693 which has been designed and developed with the demands of today’s high production producer in mind.

For Riddles brothers, like so many other contract crushing screening operations the need to capture and process as many different grades of material as possible requires use of the 683 and 693.

“The FINLAY 683 and 693 inclined screens are designed for maximum utilisation of the two decks to provide ultra-efficient screening capacities even at small aggregate sizes. These machines allow us to screen more in spec material for customer requirements” Robert Riddles.

For Riddles brothers versatility and innovation in their machines is a priority but so too is avoiding downtime. The company were keen to work a partner that understand their needs and has the resources and know how to provide the solutions. With over 50 years’ combined working experience in the construction, mining, quarrying and recycling industries, Ormonde Machinery has established a strong name and market presence.

“We have developed a very strong working relationship with Ormonde Machinery, we know that if our machine needs parts or servicing the technical and sales team will be on hand quickly and efficiently to deal with our needs. With locations and personnel both in Northern & Southern Ireland the company is well placed to meet our demands wherever we are in the country.”

Other key features of these screens


Renown for its quality, performance and productivity the Terex Finlay 683 combines scalping, screening and stockpiling into one self contained unit. Its rugged design enables the Terex Finlay 683 with its top deck 3.66m x 1.53m (12’ x 5’) and bottom deck 3.00m x 1.53m (10’ x 5’) screen to handle materials such as sand and gravel, limestone, crushed stone, coal, topsoil and demolition waste. Remote tipping reject grid, end tensioning of bottom deck mesh and three onboard hydraulic folding conveyors are standard. The Terex Finlay 683 is available on tracks or as a wheeled unit. Washing equipment can be fitted to the screenbox if required.

  • The double deck screen box has all round catwalk access allowing for ease of operational maintenance.
  • Tracked mobility and hydraulic folding product conveyors allow for ease of movement and rapid set up.
  • Maximum utilisation of the two decks provide ultra-efficient screening capacities even at small aggregate sizes.
  • Screen box angle can be hydraulically adjusted to an angle between 18° degree and 39°.


The double deck Terex Finlay 693+ has been designed and developed to fulfill the demands of today’s high production producer. The double deck screen configuration provides two full sized 6.1m x 1.53m (20’ x 5’) screen decks. A high capacity belt feed hopper is available with remote tipping grid or double deck vibrating grid. Impressive features include hydraulic tipping reject grid complete with grouser bars, three on-board hydraulic folding conveyors and low level greasing access points. Now available with dual power technology option. On-board electrical motors allow flexibility to run from an outside power supply or standard on-board engine.


  • The double deck 6.1m x 1.53m (20’ x 5’) screen box with full catwalk access is the largest and most accessible in it’s class.
  • A combination of quick wedge tensioning on the top deck and end tensioning on the bottom deck ensure mesh set up and change out times are kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Maximum utilisation of the 6.1m x 1.53m (20’ x 5’) decks provide ultra-efficient screening capacities even at small aggregate sizes.
  • Screen box angle can be hydraulically adjusted to an angle between 18° and 30°.