Project Description

Aggresand 206

AggreSand™ is a highly versatile integrated washing station with outstanding performance capability across a wide range of materials and the ability to offer up to 5 washed and sized products.  It’s readily portable format makes it particularly suitable for green-field applications / contractor use / temporary planning permission sites but operators more used to static installations will still appreciate the small footprint and minimal site preparations required.  In all cases installation time is significantly less than conventional builds thanks to the high level of factory pre-fitting and connections.  The no-compromise design ethos adapted ensures maximum serviceability and performance despite the highly integrated and compact nature of the system with numerous innovative features including easily removed pumps, ready access to screening media and intuitive controls.  The range includes numerous modular configurations but all are based around the choice of a 16×5′ or 20×6′ washing screen and a choice of sand output capacities.

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