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The range of Edge Slayers are probably the most fl exible and functional slow speed shredders on the market today. Designed with strength,durability and serviceability in mind, the new larger Slayer XL can handle almost any material in any application. With a huge range of both Rapid Volume Reduction and Intricate Piece Sizing Chambers available, the Slayer XL can be seen anywhere from the Waste Management Company to the Power Plant.
The larger Slayer XL helps customers reduce, recover, reuse and recycle a wide range of materials from household waste to construction and demolition waste. It has proved a valuable tool in the recovery process in the wake of several natural disasters. The Slayers’ ability to rapidly reduce the size of materials such as wood, C&D and C&I has been of particular benefi t in the aftermath of tornados and hurricanes in several parts of the world.
The Edge Slayers’ small footprint allows for high manoeuvrability in tight spaces and across rough terrain. Its’ 350hp engine quietly and quickly destroys any material in its way.  The PLC controlled machine includes safety features which on detection of un-shreddable objects will automatically take action to protect the Slayer XL from damage. This unique system results in the customer avoiding huge breakdown and repair costs associated with other machines.
Other design features and benefi ts include, reduced dust generation, user friendly controls with multiple languages, low loading tipping hopper and of course the infi nite number of Shredding Chamber designs.

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