Project Description


  • The TC-80 is a self-powered 80ft tracked stockpiler with impressive features and conveying capacities.
  • The intelligent design allows the machine to be folded small enough to fit inside a 40ft container and be shipped cost effectively globally.
  • The track in and out design lets operators simply track the machine out and fold into working position and start conveying material.
  • Hydraulic angle adjustment and belt speed adjustment ensure optimum performance in every application.
  • A maximum discharge height of 10.5m (34’ 6”) and capacities of up to 400tph position the TC-80 as a leader in the industry


  • Heavy duty undercarriage unit with 400mm wide tracks
  • External conveyor belt adjustment Engine prestart delay & siren Low level greasing
  • Emergency stops (4 nr )
  • Machine Painted, Finlay Orange RAL 2002
  • Safety guards in compliance with machinery directive

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