Project Description

FM 200BW

  • Static sand recovery unit on one chassis
  • Double bucket wheel
  • Centrifugal slurry pump
  • Twin Hydrocyclones
  • Collection tank
  • 14 x 6 dewatering screen
  • Produce one or two grades of sand
  • Designed to work in conjunction with Terex Washing Systems range


  • Underflow rubber lined slurry pump
  • Double bucket wheel with variable speed control
  • Two rubber lined hydrocyclone which classifies at approximately 75μm (200 mesh)
  • Self regulating cyclone tank complete with built in float system and anti-turbulence sections
  • High frequency 14 x 6 dewatering screen fitted with polyurethane modular mats
  • Weir discharge system which reduces the volume of fines entering the Cyclone collection tank
  • Collapsible bucket wheel tank for easy transport
  • Bucket wheel performs 80-90% of the work. This keeps the pump and cyclone size to a minimum
  • Reduced pump and cyclone wear
  • Reduced overall power requirements
  • Reduced running costs
  • Maximum recovery of material above 75μm (200 mesh)
  • Removes silt, slimes and clays below 75μm (200 mesh)
  • Removes water following dewatering operation to 10–15% of residual water content
  • Major reduction in saleable material discharging to the pond, thus reducing pond maintenance and saving money
  • Heavy-duty robust construction ideal for rugged operating environment
  • Low maintenance
  • All wear areas rubber lined
  • Galvanised walkway and access ladder
  • Quick assembly time
  • Approx 120-200 tph
FM 200BW


Terex Washing Equipment