Project Description

TWS M 084

The M 084 is an excellent entry level mobile screening unit that is highly robust yet compact and easily manoeuvrable.  The M 084 includes a feed hopper complete with reject grid, feed conveyor, washing screen and fully enclosed power unit.  The straightforward proven design ensures low maintenance, low running costs and trouble free operation.


• 2 deck 8’x 4’ (2.4m x 1.2m ) side tensioned screen
• Feed hopper with reject grid
• Feed conveyor
• Washing screen
• Fully enclosed power unit
• 5 spray bars per deck
• Variable speed control belt feeder
• 100mm (4”) water feed pipe
• Hydraulic coupling circuit
• Maximum mobility with fifth wheel, jacking legs, road wheels,brakes
• Manual tipping grid complete with bofar steel bars
• Wash box with 5 nozzle spray bar and ware plate
• Feed conveyor belt scraper

• Transported in one 40′ (12m) container

M 084