Project Description


MPS 48

The EDGE Modular Picking Station is the most robust, durable, long lasting and user-friendly Picking Station on the market today. It boasts a range of features that makes it very popular with Transfer Stations, Skip Hire companies, Waste handling Depots etc. The MPS has been uniquely designed so that Picking Bays can easily be added or removed in line with changing customer requirements. This unique feature enhances the versatile nature of the MPS meaning it can fi t pretty much any scenario! Designed and built with a range of applications in mind, the MPS48 can be fi tted with a multitude of options such as roofi ng, lighting, insulated air conditioned enclosures with windows and heating, air Separators, over-band magnets, etc.

Essentially the Edge Picking Station can be tailored to your needs. The EDGE Design Team has engineered the MPS48 for  “sea-can friendly” transportion meaning it can be shipped anywhere in the world.

• Innovatively designed for low cost operation
• Superb manoeuvrability around site ( with Axle and Hydraulic Jack Legs)
• Designed for quick and effi cient transportation
• Unique long life, low maintenance designed
• Optional power sources -Diesel, Direct Electric,Hydraulic/Coupling,Dual Power(Diesel Electric/Mains Electric
• Can be coupled to any Crusher, Screen, Shredder or Wash Plant
• Global After Sale Support

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