Project Description

TBG 625

Wood-based biomass is not only used for composting purposes in composite sites, but also for the recovery of bioenergy. The TBG 625 is intended to be used for the processing of grass/foliage cuttings, bio-waste, pre-crushed roots, bark, scrap wood, and round bales from SRC harvesting. The processed material improves the efficiency of the biogas plants.

A feature of the TBG 625 is the semi-trailer design with 19’ 8” long conveyor intake and a filling capacity of 13 yd. The TBG 625 processes large quantities of bulk material such as pre-crushed roots and large trunks, converting it into high-quality biomass.


  • Varioflex control for economic operation
  • Variable applications by Twin-Gear drive for optimal rotor speed
  • Easy system for simple tool change by just one person
  • IPS Impact protection system
  • 3-axes chassis for comprehensive machine equipment


  • Ideal machine for changing applications
  • composting (grass cutting, bio-waste) trunk wood, roots, scrap wood

TBG 625


Terex Environmental Equipment