Project Description

TDS 825

The Terex TDS 825 is a double shaft low speed shredder.  All materials can be processed with the same shredding tool. It is possible to change the shredding program of the machine by pressing a button and continuing the disintegration process without any topping or delays.

Three standard programs are pre-installed for the shredding of waste wood, green waste as well as domestic, industrial and bulky waste.  A fourth program can be configured by the customer for the disintegration of difficult material.

Each shaft is driven by a separate hydraulic motor with separate hydraulic gear box and so it is possible to drive each shaft separately for rotation minutes and rotation direction.

The TDS 825 has also solved the problem regarding wrappings of long material parts such as plastic film, airfoil, mattresses or composite panels around the shafts leading to machine blockages.  the TS 825 is equipped with a special cleaning system avoiding these wrappings.  The shafts reverse in an asynchronous manner guaranteeing the self-cleaning effect even when shredding material is difficult.

The TDS 825 has a shaft length of 8′ 2″.  The operation is effected by a 12 channel remote control from the loading unit.

TDS 825


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